Richa_sutherland_1Tim Sutherland, Community Christian Church and NewThing Network teaching team leader just got back from teaching at the Jacobs Well Church SPARK retreat.  Jacobs Well Church in Thorton, Colorado was the first church other than CCC in the NewThing Network.  CCC had about 30 people that moved to the Denver area to help Dave and his team launch this terrific church.  This is a pic of Dave Richa and Sutherland from this weekend.  I got the following e-mail from Tim describing how cool it was to be at Jacobs Well and the amazing sense of community.  Here is a part of what Tim said:  “It was an incredibly gratifying experience to go out there and be with Richa and the Blausers and Kerry and Tara and Fran and Linda and the Lawrences.  I told Richa after it was all done that being a part of the New Thing Network is what it must have felt like (at least a little) for the Apostle Paul: all these churches all over that are truly home when you go there, and the connection is beyond just the general body of Christ universal thing.  It felt GOOD!!!!”  I know that Richa and I spent a lot of hours talking and drinking coffee while dreaming about how the Jacobs Well Church plant could be the beginning of a “new thing”.  And it has been exactly that!  If you are interested in learning more about  connecting with the NewThing Network, you should explore becoming a NewThing Network Affiliate Church.

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