NewThingLogo_2008 We launched 2 NewThing Churches this past weekend – awesome stuff!

Anthem Church:  Former NewThing/COMMUNITY Leadership Resident, Matt Larson (and wife Kristen) launched a NewThing Church near L.A., CA called Anthem Church.  They kicked off this weekend with 339 people!!!  We are super proud of Matt and the whole team at Anthem!

IKON Christian Community:  Former NewThing/COMMUNITY Leadership Resident, Aaron Monts (and wife Tracy) launched a NewThing Church in downtown San Francisco, CA.  They kicked off this weekend with 100 people!!!  San Francisco’s average size for a church is 40 and IKON’s attendance on launch weekend already makes them one of the largest churches in San Francisco.  San Fran, much like our Boston plant, is utilizing a “pace yourself or slow growth” strategy; where they will be doing multiple launches throughout the year.  Eric Metcalf, NewThing Director spoke with Aaron yesterday and they are humbled to be a part of NewThing and very thankful that COMMUNITY has been praying for their new church.  He shared many stories of people who are “spiritualists”, young professionals, and people who are in church for the first time in their life – taking their first steps to finding their way back to God.

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