It seems very appropriate that we are starting a new series this weekend called DIRECTIONS.  Why?  Because we have some key people at Community Christian Church that will be taking their leadership in a brand new direction.  The end result will be a NewThing church plant and several people in new roles.  Here is the scoop:

Troy_mcmahon_3Troy McMahon and I have been talking seriously about church planting and what’s next for him for at least a year.  Over the course of that time there were some times when the direction was obviously “stay where you are”.  But now the direction that we are getting from God is for them to plant a NewThing church in Kansas City.  Personally, I’m sad to have a very good friend move away.  But from a Kingdom perspective Troy has tremendous leadership gifts and will make a huge impact in the Kansas City area.  Troy has been the model for us and many churches across theJanet_mcmahon_2_4  country as a campus pastor.  He has also led us through every facility we have ever built.  He has tremendous versatility and a charisma that makes him loved by all.  I’m genuinely excited to see what happens.  We will equally miss Janet McMahon; his wife and partner.  Janet has done a phenomenal job in a variety of capacities at CCC (including Kids’ City, Celebrate the Journey and Adult Small Groups).  Janet is the kind of self-less leader that will excel in any area you put her in.  So, the sad news is that CCC will lose some great people, good friends and gifted leaders in the McMahon’s.  But the good news is that NewThing and the Kingdom of God will see the launch of a new church that I believe will one day reach thousands and result in a network of new churches.  Remember, you read it here first!

Because one of our values is to always develop more and better leaders we have some great people who will be stepping into new roles at CCC.  So here is some more news:

  • Tim Bakker who has done a phenomenal job as the Romeoville Campus Pastor will become the Naperville-Yellow Box Campus Pastor.
  • Jim Semradek, a terrific leader with a track record of faithfulness has been apprenticing under Tim Bakker at our Romeoville Campus will become the new Romeoville Campus Pastor.
  • Eric Metcalf who has been giving oversight to the Small Groups in Naperville will expand his influence and step into the role as Adult Small Groups Champion that Tim Bakker also had.

So, when it all shakes out over the next few months we will have a lot of leaders expanding their influence and a NewThing Church Plant in Kansas City.  It’s painful, but good.

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