Crossings_2I got an e-mail last Sunday night from Mark Nelson telling about an amazing start to Crossings, the new church him and his team launched last Sunday morning.  This NewThing church had 225 people that showed up for their first celebration service and he told me a story of life-change that was so amazing he wrote in his e-mail, “If Crossings is done today this story makes it worth the effort…”. Awesome!  If you want more of the details here are the places to go:

  • Jon Ferguson tells about the launch from the NewThing perspective.
  • Mark Nelson gives his first reaction to the launch of Crossings.
  • Mark Nelson gives his second reaction to the launch of Crossings.
  • Bill Carroll has links to video from two local media outlets that covered the launch of Crossings and he also gives us an interview with Bill Wolf their Worship Arts Director.
  • Jon Ferguson tells us how the Eli’s cheesecake illustration got picked up by Eli’s Official Blog.
  • WBIR, the local NBC affiliate covered the launch of Crossings on their website and it has already received over 40 comments.

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