Part of the dream for Community Christian Church and NewThing is
to continue to develop a strong pipeline of innovative leaders who dream
about the opportunity to be part a of a movement that reproduces at every level:  Christ Followers, leaders, artists, groups, teams, campuses, churches and networks. 
It is with that kind of leader in mind, we have been working to develop what we are
calling the “Reproducing Church
This two day event will be held on Monday, January 8th thru Wednesday, January 10th at Community Christian Church.  This will be an interactive experience, where we will walk through and interact on the following:

  • The Reproducing Church Story
  • The 7
  • Your Story and how to Reproduce
  • Becoming a Reproducing
  • Developing a
    Reproducing Team
  • Leading a Reproducing

If you are: a young leader with a big dream; a church leader looking for what’s next or someone with a passion for starting a new church, then the Reproducing Church Experience is for you!  You can apply to be a part of the Reproducing Church Experience by filling out this short application by clicking HERE.

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