East Aurora lauch
When people began pouring into the our ministry center on LaSalle Street in East Aurora at 12:30 pm it was the fulfillment of a dream that started more than six years ago.  It was Kirsten Strand that first dreamed of COMMUNITY serving in this neighborhood and it was Obe Arellano, our new campus pastor who brought that dream to life with the support of dozens of people who made up the East Aurora campus launch team.  I left the Yellow Box as quickly as I could after our fourth service of the weekend arriving about 12:35 and was forced to stand in the back until I was finally able to spot a seat. 202 adults, students and children showed up and crammed into a little space that will soon need a second service. The whole service was bi-lingual – the music, the message, the power point, the connecting card.  People hung around for an hour after it was over and it was an amazing day!  The result was the birth of our tenth and most anticipated campus ever! I  know this is just the beginning.  I know that the dream is to bring transformation to this under-resourced community.  I know there is a lot more work to do.  But I also know that I am extraordinarily proud of COMMUNITY and this new campus.  Way to go East Aurora campus!!

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