Nncc_riskI talked with Todd Wilson yesterday (the man behind the scenes of the “largest gathering of church planting leaders in North America“) regarding the National New Church Conference and it is sold out!  Todd told me that they are giving a few passes to people that really want in if they promise to stand.  So I guess there is still a possibility of SRO.  I think this is awesome!!  This is just another sign that there is growing momentum for a church planting movement on this continent!

One of the emphasis at the NNCC will be on creating church planting networks.  Look for an emerging group simply called Church Planting Network that I’m a part of to lead the way in catalyzing new churches, existing churches and mega churches to form church planting networks.  I believe this is on the cutting edge of what is happening with the reproducing church.

Since I’m going to work alongside Todd to oversee the conference next year we are already trying to figure out if it is possible to do two of these conferences to meet the growing demand – one back in Orlando and maybe another on the west coast.  Who knows? But if you got your tickets for this year…see you next week in Orlando!!

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