Reproducing_imageIf I could pick one list for Community Christian Church to be on, I think this would be the one.  Over the last few years a number of organizations and publications have started making Top ____________ (you fill in the blank:  fastest growing, most influential, most innovative, etc) Churches.  Because God has been extremely nice to us we have been on most all of these lists.  But a new list just came out for the first time in Outreach Magazine that listed America’s Top 25 Multiplying ChurchesCommunity Christian Church was listed #7.  I’m not sure what the number actually means and I can already think of churches that are not on the list that should be on the list.  However, of all the lists out there I think this is the one that I would most like for our church to be on.  I think multiplying or (a better term) reproducing is the best way to accomplish the mission of Jesus given to us in Acts 1:8.  We need to reproduce leaders, artists, campuses, churches and networks!  When it is all said and done, I want our church to grow fast, I want it to influential and innovative, but most of all I want Community Christian Church to be reproducing genuine biblical community that transforms people, neighborhoods, cities and the world!  I want to be a part of accomplishing the Jesus mission.

A few people have already posted regarding the article, Church Squared 2007  and the top 25 list that appeared in Outreach.

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