One of the most exciting developments in Community Christian Church’s multi-site church adventure is that we are now having sites reproduce new sites! We are talking about second generation reproduction. Just check this out. It was in the spring of ’98 that we did something we had never done before (or had ever heard of anyone else doing!); we asked about 100 key leaders to leave our first location in Naperville to start a second CCC site in Romeoville. This new site got off to a great start and over the next six years experienced consistent growth and grew to just over 700 in attendance. Then in March of ‘04 once again we did something that we had never done before (and hadn’t heard of others doing). One of our sites reproduced a new site! We went from being a parent to a grandparent when 125 spiritual entrepreneurs moved from our Romeoville location to our new Shorewood location. As we have watched the explosive growth both in numbers and maturation it is an amazing thing to see what happens when a church is truly a reproducing church! Take a look at this graph and I’ll briefly explain some of the exciting results of sites reproducing sites!

Sites_reproducing_sites_chartSo, what are the benefits of a reproducing church that encourages sites to reproduce new sites? Here are a few…

Lots more people…everywhere!
After 18 months the total number of attenders increased from 705 at one site to 1293 at two sites. The original site saw a net increase of about 140 people despite sending 125 of their best people to new site which grew to 451 in the first 18 months. And the overall increase in attendance was more than 75%! Lots of new people at both locations!

Lots more people doing life together!
The increasing numbers are not just people showing up for a celebration service and keeping a seat warm. Take a look at the number of people who are connected in a small group. This number dramatically jumped from 508 at one site to 995 at two sites during this18 month period. This means more people living in community, doing life together and being the church to one another.

Lots more people on the Jesus mission!
And the most remarkable number is how many people who start to use their gifts to serve! The number of people contributing (serving) almost doubled going from 310 to 580! Wow!! This is a great example of the power of a reproducing church – it increases the number of people who are celebrating, connecting and contributing to the mission of Jesus!

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