Multisite_2I can’t get enough on the multi-site church!  And if you are like me, here are a couple articles that you will want to check out.  The first one is by Sherry Gossman on her blog Life and is titled, So You Wanna Be a Multi-Site Church.  She writes, “So, before you hire the campus pastor, or sign the contract for that site, take a look at these suggestions…”  She goes on to list five very important considerations for every church thinking about going multi-site.

Another article that I found via Geoff Surratt at Leadership Network Learnings is on Mere Comments and it asks the question, “Is Multi-Site Biblical?”  This post is getting a lot of traffic and has more than 150 comments.  I don’t agree with everything and neither will you; but it’s an interesting discussion of them multi-site church.

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