Thursday afternoon I ran into Lyle Schaller in the library…again.  Since moving to Naperville this kind of serendipitous meeting has happened dozens dozens of times.  And every time I walk away a better leader with a better understanding of how to lead Community Christian Church and NewThing.  For those of you unfamiliar with “Uncle Lyle” (I’ve never said that to his face, but that is how I always refer to him to others), let me explain who this 83 year old legend is:  Schaller is still considered by many as the foremost expert on the church in America. He is called thedean of church consultants and was once voted the most influential church leader in the American church in a poll conducted by the Los Angeles TImes.  He is the author of dozens of books, many published by Abingdon Press. currently lists to his credit 122 books.  One of the first people I met when I moved to Naperville was Lyle Schaller.  The first gathering of Naperville church leaders that I attended Lyle Schaller was the featured speaker.  Lyle Schaller came to CCC’s very first service and he reminds me of the date nearly every time we speak.  I’ve been invited into his home on numerous occasions. He tells me to call him whenever I have a question (and I do!).  On many occasions when I didn’t have the answers or direction, Lyle did.  One of the really nice things that God has done for me was put me in the same town with Lyle Schaller.

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