Joel_osteenOn Sunday we got together at the Yellow Box for our pre-service huddle to make sure were ready for the next two services.  Our Yellow Box Arts Director, Sean Bublitz started joking, “it’s an  honor just to be on the  same stage with someone who will share the stage with Joel Osteen.”  Some people knew what he was talking about and started laughing, but I had no idea where Sean was coming from.  He looks at me and says, “you don’t know?”  I said, “I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.”  Then he read this e-mail he got last week advertising an upcoming conference that said, Joel Osteen and Dave Ferguson to keynote at WFX Conference in Houston.  Sean said, “I had to read it and go to the link because I thought it was a joke!  But it’s not!”  I did know that I agreed to speak at the conference a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know that the other keynote was by Joel Osteen!  So there you have it.  And now help me practice, “This is my Bible, I am who it says I am; I have what it says I have…”

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