I know that it looks like we are just playing in the mud…and I guess we are!  But it is really an “umaganda” which is what they call it when the whole community comes together to construct a house. This picture shows how they make bricks for homes in the mountain villages of Rwanda.  First they mix mud and rocks with water.  Then you mix in small chopped up pieces of grass.  Next, you get someone like you see in this picture to mix it up with their bare feet.  Finally you put the mix into brick mold, let it set and you have bricks for a house!

Most of today we spent helping with the construction of a new house that will be the home for six orphans.  The oldest of the six is an 18-year old girl who is the head of the house.  This project is being sponsored by Community Christian Church’s Kid City.

If you want even more on this check out Melody Pahlows post, “Umaganda”.

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