Dave_rick_warren_2Ok, I know this is the second pic of me and Rick Warren in the last couple weeks.  We are not really best friends, we just dress alike!?! This is a pic from the last day of Catalyst where Rick got together about a dozen people for lunch. He said that he was spending this year listening to young leaders.  He asked us where we saw the church headed in the future and took notes as we talked.  He then went on to tell us that he was in a season where he wanted to invest in us.  How could you not like that?  I was impressed and honored.

During the 2 hour lunch Rick inserted a lot of his own wisdom and I took notes as fast as I could.  Here are some of the things that he said that stood out:

  • When he commented on his work globally Rick said, “If we want to change the world there are three major sectors that must work together to bring about change:  government, business and the church.”
  • His thoughts on people who are very wealthy, “Even when you reach the top, you still have a need…a need to give back.”
  • His comment on culture:  “I don’t want to change culture, I want to create culture.”
  • His comment on the local church: “The more I honor the local church, the more God blesses me.”
  • His thoughts on church growth:
    • “You must learn to manage transition.  We are on Saddleback 5.0 right now.  You must be willing to sacrifice anything except your purposes.”
    • “Nobody goes to church because of it’s size…only pastors like big churches.”
    • “Pygmalion effect:  if you expect people to be receptive, they will be.  People are not hard to reach.”

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