Eddy_black_small_3I’m sitting in Starbucks (which isn’t nearly as good as the Ground Level Cafe…just needed to get away.) doing some long-range planning (I love thinking about the future!) and in walks someone with a t-shirt with our CCC logo on it!  Whenever someone gets baptized or if they baptize someone we give them a CCC t-shirt to wear during the baptism.  The t-shirt has our logo on the front and on the back it says, “making waves”.  It’s just kind of cool that some person in Starbucks that I don’t know was either baptized at CCC or baptized a friend.  Cool!  Speaking of baptisms – did you know that we have baptized more people in the first 6 months at Community Christian Church than ever in our history.  Love it!  It’s all about “helping people find their way back to God.”

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