LyingI consistently find that at the core of almost every reproducing church are reproducing small groups.  I bet 75% of the stuff that we have learned about reproducing sites and being a multi-site church we learned first through reproducing small groups.  Over at Easum/Bandy we have been doing some online coaching on the topic of The Reproducing Church and my brother Jon (who knows more about small groups than anyone on the planet) posted some false assumptions we make about reproducing groups. Here they are . . .

LIE #1: SIZE DOES MATTER – While it may matter when it comes to reproducing congregations or campuses, it doesn’t when it comes to small groups. We have seen small groups with just a handful of members, reproduce. The key: leader readiness. When a leader is ready to start a new group, it’s time to reproduce.

LIE #2 – REPRODUCING IS THE SAME AS DIVIDING – Nope, dividing is too closely related to splitting and churches aren’t fond of either term. If you focus on leader readiness the group is not divided or split. The people in the group who want to go with the new leader will go. Others will stay. There’s no dividing or splitting involved.

LIE #3 – REPRODUCING MEANS NEVER GOING DEEP – I was part of the same small group for close to five years, yet we were responsible for launching five new groups within that five years. The core of that group stayed together and experienced a deep level of relational and spiritual connectedness, while at the same time developing new leaders and releasing them to start new groups – reproduce!

LIE #4 – REPRODUCING CAN BE DELEGATED – I’ve talked to lots of pastors who expect their leaders to reproduce small groups, and yet they have yet to walk through the process themselves. If you want to see this happening in the groups your leaders lead, it needs to be happening in your group (whether you lead or not).



Got any others lies about reproducing?

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