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One of the things that occurs when you are the Lead Pastor of a large church is that you often get credit for things you with which you have very little to do.  People will tell me, “You have amazing programs in Kids City” or “I love what you are doing with students” or “where do you get all those great musicians” or “what you are doing in under-resourced communities is so inspiring”.  I think all those things are true, but I have little to do with why each of those ministries is so terrific.  We have some amazing staff and leaders that make it all happen! 

So, I’m used to getting credit when I don’t really deserve it.  But perhaps never before have I received so much credit and done so little, as to when it comes to the 365 CLUB If you haven’t got the scoop, I basically bought three cups of coffee for some workers in a FedEx Kinko’s just to be kind and they really liked it! I put that on my twitter and facebook status and Scott Couchenour read about it and started a facebook group called the 365 CLUBThe 365 CLUB challenges people to do one act of kindness everyday.  Well, there are already over 9,000 members who have committed to doing more than 3 million acts of kindness in 2009.  That is cool!  The crazy part is that I have done interviews for radio stations all across the country and also in London, England and Auckland, New Zealand.  And today, this article: 365 CLUB Spreading Kindness Across The World Via Facebook ran in the Sunday edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

It’s a God-thing.  Only God can take three cups of coffee and turn it into 3 million acts of kindness.

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