DollarsignI had something happen today that was a first since we started Community Christian Church! I was sitting at my desk in our open office trying to get some work done, but talking to some other staff when I over hear a conversation at the front desk.  A man has is asking if he can speak to the Lead Pastor or who ever is in charge (good question!).  So I walk over there along with John C, and I introduce myself to this gentleman who has just walked in off the street.  After introductions he goes on to tell me, “I have never been to your church, but I hear great things about what you are doing in the community.  I also can see that you are adding on to your facility here in Naperville.  Well, I just received a small inheritance and I wanted to give 10% somewhere…so here is a check”  The guy handed me a check for $2,500. That was really cool.  Not so much the money.  What’s cool is that when this guy wants to make a donation somewhere in the community he thinks first of Community Christian Church.

Yes, I invited him to church.  And he said that he and his wife were going to check out a weekend service this week at the Yellow Box.  Love it! 

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