Facebook    I got a hunch and here it is: facebook is more for girls and that twitter is more for guys.  Not sure why, but it’s a hunch. It started when my wife Sue told me that she wanted to watch the final episode of The Bachelor tonight.  So I complained to all my friends on twitter in 140 characters or less, “my wife just explained to me how she will be watching the 2 hour Bachelor finale tonight…look for me on twitter.”  Since I have my twitter automatically update my facebook status it showed up there too.  I had a hunch that I would get a reaction from people by whining about The Bachelor. What I didn’t expect is that the comments and responses I got would reveal something else about these two favorite types of social networking.  Here’s is what I noticed:

  • I got 17 responses on facebook and 16 of the responses were from women (most declaring their love for The Bachelor)
  • I got 11 responses on twitter and 9 of them were male (all in favor of anything other than the Bachelor)

So my hypothesis is that there are a higher percentage of women who utilize facebook and that there are a higher percentage of men that are on twitter.  Agree?  Disagree?  Why?   Is there any research out there to support this?

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