Apple_innovation_2Do you know where Apple got the innovative idea for the iPod?

Yesterday I today I posted about how innovation comes from the edges and for churches one of the best connection with the edge is to be connected with church planters and new churches.  This morning I ran across a brief, but great article in Fast Company on innovation lessons from Apple.
The article gives five lessons that Apple learned about innovation.  It begins like this:  “Ten years or so ago Apple Computer was almost bankrupt. Fast forward
and Apple is now
regularly cited as the most innovative company in the world. So what
can we learn from the comeback kid?”
Then the article lays out the lessons and tells us, “Ideas can come from anywhere, including outside the company. For
example, the iPod was originally dreamt up by a consultant and most of
its parts were off the shelf.” 
Just another example of how innovation most often comes from the edges.  All five lessons are solid and applicable to church leaders; click HERE and learn. 

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