Innovate_2007_logo_2I just finished a quick podcast (which will be posted soon) with Tim Stevens and Kem Meyer of Granger Church for the Innovate 2007 Conference.  I can tell if I get to spend any time with these guys we will become friends!  They asked me to come and talk about The Big Idea and I just had to say “yes” for a several reasons:

  1. I try to always lead with a “yes”.
  2. I love talking about The Big Idea.
  3. Guy Kawaski is going to be there and I totally dig his blog and much of his writing.
  4. Scott Hodge, my blogging mentor will be speaking there.  So instead of us hanging out at our local Starbucks together we will hangout at Granger together.
  5. Troy Gramling – we’ve had dinner and gotten to know each other – great leader!
  6. I have never been to Granger!  That is really unforgivable.  Granger is a great church only a couple hours from my house; my brother-in-law goes to church there and I have never experienced the place.

So at the end of September I will get to check it out and challenge leaders to communicate with one BIG IDEA at a time!

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