Our second stop on this road trip that we all need
to take together is Operation Generosity. If reproducing campuses is who we are; generous is who we are
becoming! This last year we saw a 38%
increase (counting general fund and NEXT) in giving at Community Christian
Church! I think this last year is
indicative of what is to come – us becoming a more and more generous church in
the future.

couple months ago we had someone stand up at one of our campuses and say, “what have this church ever done for this
  While I don’t want to encourage heckling at
CCC, I want the answer to that question to be blatantly obvious! So here is how we will answer this question
in the next year.

we are asking every CCC campus to identify a project in their surrounding
community; set a goal and ask their people to give “above and beyond” a one
time gift to that under-resourced need. I
think this is the kind of church Jesus wants us to be and I think this is the
kind of church the world is waiting to see. I see us in the next year through a single offering we are calling
Operation Generosity (Above & Beyond) – investing over $250k in the
under-resourced within CCC communities.

Operation Generosity is also going to be an ongoing challenge through out the
year to see us increase our generosity factor. I believe that God wants us to have 200 locations in the Chicago area that are “helping
people find their way back to God.” One
of the big barriers to big dreams is resources. So we are going to give more and more people an opportunity to be a part
of a dream that will change the eternities of thousands and thousands of
people. Our goal is to double the number of people that are tithing (10%) off their
income to Community Christian Church so we can see that dream come true!

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