I_became_a_christian_and_2I’ve been a friend and a fan of Vince Antonucci ever since he started Forefront Church in Virginia Beach.  So, when I found out that he was going to write a book I was really excited for him.  When the copy arrived and he asked me to write an endorsement I was a hoping it would be good.  And it is!  It’s real good!

Here is the endorsement I wrote that appears on the cover:  In I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This
Lousy T-Shirt
my good friend Vince Antonucci tells my absolute favorite
story of someone finding their way back to God…his own story. It’s amazing!
It’s funny!  It’s a total God-thing! As Vince tells us his own story he
also challenges us to live a life more authentically and fully following
Christ. This is a book that will entertain you, inspire you and help you
experience everything God has for you. Read it and share it with a friend.”

When my pre-release copy of I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This
Lousy T-Shirt
came in the mail I was getting ready to leave with Sue for a short vacation.  So, I handed the book to my wife and told her, “read this book, you will love it”.  She really liked it saying it was “different than any other Christian book…real…and funny!”  I agree.


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