Jesus_on_cross_2I no longer call myself a Christian.  I no longer try to convert people to Christianity.  I’m done with that…it has been ruined.  It’s not so much because the title is wrong, but because as a label it has now come to mean something far different than what it means to follow Jesus.  Being a “Christian” has been reduced to the expectation of nice-ness. How pathetic.  How boring.  How easy. How insignificant. And even that expectation of nice-ness doesn’t have to be fulfilled because the greater expectation is hypocrisy – the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not live out.  Who would want to be that!?!

I am a Christ Follower.  I follow Jesus.  And I follow Jesus step for step as His Spirit moves me and His community called the Church.  When Jesus steps, I follow. When Jesus speeds up – I increase my pace.  When Jesus slows down – I slow down.  The direction, the speed and the entire velocity of my life are determined by moving at the speed of Jesus Spirit.  Simple.  Clear.  Not easy!

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