3c_journals_4If I had one wish for every person at Community I know exactly what it would be.  I would wish that every person would hear from God every single day. That’s it!  It is that simple and that obvious to me:  I want every person at Community to hear from God everyday!  If every person heard from God everyday this amazing church would become more than an amazing church.  This church would become a force that would transform the face of the earth.  Everyday God would give clear direction to everyone of us and everyone of us would move forward into life with a confidence that we are not just living out our days, but we are fulfilling the dream of God for this planet!

The single best discipline in my life for hearing from God has been the use of this 3C Journal. This weekend we challenged every person at Community to get a journal and take the 21-day challenge.  The 21-day challenge is to read one chapter from the gospel of John and to journal over the next 21 days starting on Monday, November 5th. My hope is that every person at Community will take this 21-day challenge and in doing so will begin to hear from God everyday.

I used tell people to find any spiritual discipline that works for them and I discovered that it would often result in them not implementing any spiritual discipline.  So, I’m done saying that – I’m encouraging every person at Community to start journaling!  What is unique about the spiritual discipline of journaling is that it combines three components that I don’t see in any other discipline:

  1. Bible reading – read a chapter from the Bible.
  2. Reflection/mediation – pick out a verse or two from that chapter that speaks to you and write it down and why it means something to you.
  3. Prayer – write out your prayers to God.

We are so committed to having every person journal and hear from God that we have also created a journal for kids and a journal for students.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if every kid and student at Community was hearing from God everyday?  Wow, that would be phenomenal.

So, I’m going to take the 21-day challenge and journal through the gospel of John.  Will you join me?  Imagine how your everyday life will change if you begin to hear from God every single day.  That is my wish for every person at Community.

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