HampsterSo last week, we added another animal to our family – we have Cody the dog, a nameless goldfish and now a hamster.  Caleb, my youngest got a hamster for his birthday.  We named him RJ after the little critter in Over the Hedge.  As you probably guessed, three days later my son is not so thrilled with his new pet and is wishing he would have got something different for his birthday.  Surprised?  And you know what is coming next, right?  On the 6th day, the hamster got loose from his cage and hid somewhere underneath the oven in the Ferguson kitchen.  So, all weekend we had a “Have-A-Heart” trap set in our kitchen with a variety of delicacy’s (cheese, nuts, peanut butter…and some water so he doesn’t “die of thirst”!?!) to entice RJ back to his cage.

(SIDEBAR:  First, this kind of chaos makes me crazy. Second, I find it ironic that upstairs I’m trying to trap a Hamster to save it’s life and downstairs in our crawl space I’m trying trap mice to kill them.  And they look the same to me!?!)

So, last night as I’m finishing prayers with the boys we hear Sue yelling at the dog, “No Cody, no…no Cody, no…somebody get down here…quick!”  The boys dive out of bed and we all run downstairs to see Sue and now my daughter Amy chasing Cody the dog who is chasing RJ the hamster in our dining room.  Caleb grabs Cody and puts him in his cage and for the next two minutes it is an absolute free-for-all with all five Ferguson’s on the floor of the dining room while RJ runs back and forth to every corner of the room in shear terror.   Amy unknowingly traps RJ next to her and Josh scooped him up into his plastic ball.  I can’t tell you how funny this whole sequence was…totally ridiculous!!  So, there you have it. RJ, the hamster once was lost, but now is found!

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