Baptism_2I love baptisms!  We had a whole bunch of people that got baptized this past weekend.  It started on Saturday night I got to see my nephew Graham get baptized at the Yellow Box.  He is a great kid who God has blessed with some amazing gifts and it was very cool to see this young man declare his loyalty to Jesus.  Then on Sunday morning I was at Naperville-Downtown and Rachel Olivares got baptized.  We heard her story of finding her way back to God and you could feel the buzz in room.  I quickly drove back over to the Yellow Box to baptize Laura Pruett, someone I got to know through a tragedy 10 years ago; who then moved away and recently moved back.  That was fun!  And the morning was complete as Chris and her 82 year old  Grandfather were baptized.  82 years old and committing himself to becoming a Christ=Follower!!  Later, I was told this was the answer to 30 years of prayer!  Wow.  I love baptisms!

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