I was hanging out up in the booth at our Yellow Box location in Naperville during our Junior High Student Community tonight and something amazing happened.  I’m pretty sure it went almost un-noticed by everyone…but it caught my attention.  Shawn Williams our StuCo Champion and Director at Naperville was welcoming the students and talking about what a great weekend they had just had at their Fusion Retreat.  Then Shawn asked them to respond to this question in one voice, “why do we do this and what is it all about?”  And I heard a gymatorium full of junior high kids all respond, “HELPING PEOPLE FIND THEIR WAY BACK TO GOD!”  I love it!

How many churches have a mission statement?  Not all, but many.  But how many churches have a mission statement that is actually known by the staff?  Not that many.  How many churches actually have a mission statement that is known by the leaders?  Less still.  And how many churches have a mission statement that the junior high student ministry knows and believes in?  CCC!  I love it!

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