Blank book You may have noticed that I have not been posting nearly as frequently over the last month.  The reason is that Jon  and I  have spent almost every free moment (except for a vacation last week – which was great!) working on a new book.  We are about 80% of the way done and we are both really pumped about it.  This is a book for anyone who loves the mission of Jesus and wants to see it accomplished where they live. Very practical and I think inspirational.  The working title is “The Reproducing Church:  How You & Your Friends Can Start A Movement.

Today I have a meeting today with Chris Fann and Ryan Pazdur of Zondervan to talk about marketing the book.  They asked me to start brainstorming ways to get the word out about this new book.  So, I thought I would see if you could help.  Leave me a comment with your thoughts or answering these questions:  How would you market a new book?  What creative ideas have you seen for getting the word out about a book? Are there ways that you would like to help us?

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