Big_idea_cover_2Jon Ferguson, Eric and I had a great conference call with the gang from Zondervan and Leadership Network.  The book we are writing, The BIG IDEA is being published by Zondervan and is a part of the Leadership Network Innovation SeriesThe BIG IDEA is the third out of nine books to be published in this series.  The two previous books are The Multi-Site Church Revolution and Confessions of a Reformission Rev.  Both of these books are outstanding books!

The conference call was to discuss the marketing strategy of the book.  And I have to say I was totally impressed!  Mike Cooke and the crew at Zondervan and Greg Ligon and his team at Leadership Network are connected with everyone.  So, I think when this book is finally released at the end of January lots of people will know about it.

Jon, Eric and I will be connecting with some of you to see if we can get bloggers to post a review and get the word out in the coming months.  We are trying to work it out so we can give away copies of the book to people who will post a review of The BIG IDEA.  If you got other ideas about how to get the word out – let me know.  Since this is the first book that any of us have written this whole experience is pretty cool.

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