Dave_dummit_2All the NewThing Network Lead Pastors flew into Chicago today for our Gathering.  This is a great group of leaders of new churches from all over the country.  One of the highlights of the day was a talk by Dave Dummitt of 242 Community on How To Establish A Reproducing Church From The Beginning.  The following are my notes on Dave’s talk.

1. Cast the Vision from the Beginning

  • Start with a name that is reproducible.
  • Start by calling your church plant the “first campus”.
  • Hire staff that are “reproducers”.
  • Bring people in who have gone multi-site and have them tell their story.
  • Bring on church planting apprentices to help with the launch.

2. Reproduce when You Can, Not when You Have To!

  • Start a second service when you have enough leaders and artists, don’t wait for the room to be completely packed.
  • Start each small group with the idea that it will soon reproduce.  And if you have groups that are too big, make sure that you have multiple leaders so that those groups can reproduce quickly.  No matter how many people are in a small group don’t close the group; force reproduction.

3. Develop a Reproducing Culture.

  • A reproducing culture is a permission-giving culture.
  • One person in our church went from being far from God and living with his girlfriend to a worship leader in 3 months.  Some will say that is “soft-selling the gospel”; I say that shows the power of the gospel.
  • God wants to move faster than we do.  In Acts we have 3,000 people getting baptized, you know that resulted in some rookie leaders!
  • Coaching is key in a reproducing culture.

4. Measure Reproduction Internally.

  • Create a dashboard that measures reproduction in every area of your church.
  • Share that dashboard with all your leaders so they can see where you are winning.

5. Celebrate Reproduction Publicly.

  • Congratulate all new leaders by putting their picture and name on the screen at a weekend service.
  • Announce all new leaders at Leadership Community.

6. Develop Clear Expectations and a Common Language for your Leadership Pipeline.

  • Every ministry has it’s own separate silo and often ends up with it’s own language.  If you can make sure that every ministry uses the same language (volunteer, apprentice leader, leader, coach, staff) it gives a clear path for the leadership pipeline.

7. Model Reproduction Yourself.

  • You are going to reproduce who you are.
  • You will reproduce whether you want to or not.

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