Dcib_logo_9We had a great day today with 200 church leaders mostly from Naperville at our second Doing Church in the Burbs Conference. Gene Appel of Willow Creek opened the conference with a talk on “How To Change Your Church Without Killing It” and then closed out our day by talking about “How To Change Your Church Without it Killing You”.  Great stuff!!  In between we had some great workshops that included Lyle Schaller (one of my favorite guys!), Rick Richardson of Wheaton Graduate School and Ed Bahler of the Aspen Group.  It was good enough to get all these local church leaders together, but the content and the training that took place was exceptional!

The one part that I got to play was to give a brief update on how the church in Naperville is doing.  Here are some of the stats that I shared comparing 2006 and 2007:

  • Naperville population in 2006:  135,858
  • Naperville population in 2007:  139,947  (+4,098)
  • Avg. church attendance in 2006:  43,470
  • Avg. church attendance in 2007:  45,561 (+2,146)
  • Avg. church size in 2006:  741
  • Avg. church size in 2007:  798 (+57 or 8%)
  • Median church size in 2006:  200
  • Median church size in 2007:  225 (+25 or 14%)

I think it is very encouraging that in Naperville 2,146 more people are in church each weekend!  I also think it is very encouraging to see that the median church size increased by 14% and the average church increased by 8%.  That is good news!

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