If you start a group and it grows into a real community of people who do life together, find their way back to God and experience real life change – that is affirmation.  If you serve in an area and you can tell that you are making a difference – that is affirmation. Affirmation might come from the simple observation that what you are leading is growing and accomplishing the mission or it might come as a compliment from someone else.

I remember a conversation I had with Wayne Cordiero a few years ago. I went along with Dave Richa (who is a good friend and pastor of a NewThing Church in the Denver area -Jacobs Well Community Church) to a New Hope Practicum where we got to follow Wayne around for about a week. We just did whatever he did. By the end of the week I felt like I really knew him and his ministry. And I also felt like he knew me. It was a very positive experience. But at the end of the week, Wayne took me aside, placed his hand on shoulder and said, “Dave, I believe that there is a real annointing on your life as Christian leader!” Wow! For me to receive that kind of affirmation from someone who knew all about Christian leadership was big. That affirmation gave me new kind of confidence that God was making me into a leader.

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