ScoreboardHow does your church keep score?  By tracking attendance and offering only?  I think we can do better than that!

A couple weeks ago I had a post, If You Are Into Numbers which talked about how at Community Christian Church we have a developed a dashboard and that one indicator showed a 1000+ increase in attendance from April ’05 to April ’06.  I also discussed how that rapid increase in attendance was reflected at our different CCC sites.  One of the comments on that post came from Dave Davis who asked, “Dave — I am curious…what are the other numbers you use as key indicators? What does your dashboard look like?”  Great question!

A “dashboard” is a way to understand at a glance what is happening under the hood of your car without knowing all the intricacies of how the car engine works.  I can look at a dashboard and know if I have enough gas or oil and know if a red light comes on there is trouble.  So over the last few years as CCC has grown in size and number of sites we have been developing a dashboard that  on one page of paper helps me understand at a glance how the church is running without getting my hands in every detail.  A dashboard that measures only attendance and offering is not good enough.  Our vision at CCC is not to warehouse large number of Christians at multiple sites till Jesus comes back.  Our vision is grow 3C Christ Followers who are all about accomplishing the mission of Jesus.  So, our dashboard also includes measurements of the following:

  • 3C Christ Followers – How many people are celebrating (weekly part of our celebration service), connecting (doing life together in a small group) and contributing (giving of their giftedness in service and of there finances)?
  • Baptisms – How many people are making commitments to become Christ Followers?
  • Leaders – How many people are apprentice leaders, leaders and coaches?

That’s how we keep score.  So, how do you keep score?  Or do you?

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