Not normal Something was said last Sunday that I still can’t get out of my head and I am better for it.  We had an all-staff cook-out last Sunday. (Which by the way is a whole lot of people once you include spouses and kids!)  We asked TJ and Ginger Friesen to talk about their generosity journey.  They were very inspiring as they shared with us how they strive to be intentionally generous in things big and small.  However it was something that Ginger said that stuck with me.  She told how her small group had come together to help pay the mortgage for a group member who had come upon tough times.  I thought that was pretty extraordinary. But then Ginger said, “That’s normal; that’s what a friend would do whether they are a Christ follower or not.  Helping out a friend is normal generosity.”  Then she talked about how her and TJ are being convicted that God wants them to go beyond normal and then Ginger said, “I want to be the kind of generous person who others look at and say, ‘hey, that is not normal.'”

I can’t get that out of my head.  I think God has it stuck inside my head to convict me to become a more and more generous person.  I would love for others to see my generous life and say, “Hey, that is not normal.”

I just found out that Ginger posted most of her talk on her blog and titled it, Salsa & Sacrifice.  You should go and check it out – it is really terrific!

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