Createnewblogcommoncraft0This blog desperately needs an overhaul.  This is actually the 2.0 version of my blog; but it has been in desperate need of a face lift for a long time.  Over the last couple years this has been a great place for me to interact with you, share ideas and links and also give you a peak (if you are interested) into my life.  Along the way there have been about a quarter of a million visitors and many more pages viewed.  But it is time for a change and now I’m in the process (actually it’s not me at all; it’s some good people who understand how to make this blog cooler and more effective) re-thinking everything about my blog.

Here is where you can help me – I would love to have your suggestions as I re-make this blog.  Would you take a second and just fill in the blank of this sentence: “Dave, you should ___________________ with the new version of your blog.”

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