Antonucci-GuerrillaLoversThere are lots of people who claim to really love people who are far from God; but few do it.  And there are lots of churches that say they want to help people find their way back to God; and far less put it into practice. But Vince Antonucci is one of those rare people that says and does it.  He is also someone who has led a church that actually put it into practice.  I remember the first time I was at Forefront Church in Virginia Beach, a church that Vince planted.  I talked to person after person after person who once was far from God but found their way back thanks to Vince and the church that he led.

It is out of that passion and love for people that Vince has written his second book, Guerrilla Lovers: Changing the World With Revolutionary Compassion. This book is a challenge to each of us and to our churches to love people the way we say we do. in his unique and very humorous way Vince calls us to revolutionary compassion.  Since I know the author, I got a free copy!  But you really should pick up a copy or order Guerrilla Lovers right now.

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