CCC online community I’m excited to announce some major additions to
— Now all registered users can participate in a virtual community
, share photos, create and join groups, send messages, engage
in discussion, and generally have a good time. Find out what other
attenders are up to, create a private group for your small group to
stay in touch, or meet new people from your campus!
Whatever your
flavor, there’s something for everyone at  For more information on all the cool feature click HERE.

Many of these new features are inspired by social networking websites like Facebook,
so you’ll instantly recognize many of these enhancements. And while we
don’t aspire to become a private version of Facebook, we do hope that
these features will allow our attenders a chance to connect both online
and offline in a private, protected community. Every user can manage
their own privacy levels, but by default no user profile can be viewed
except by registered users.  If you create a profile you can do a lot of cool things:

  • Update your status so everyone else knows what you’re doing.
  • Add friends so you can keep in touch (make sure you add me!)
  • Join a campus group and find out what’s happening at your location.
  • Create a group of your own for your small group or a common interest and find people like you.
  • Upload your photos and share the pics you took with everyone.
  • Add applications to your profile like an RSS feed from your blog or your Twitter account.
  • Write on someone’s wall to let them know you’ve been thinking about them.

Another cool new feature is a user forum for our attenders to network with each other: Classifieds, Want Ads, Donations, Job Listings, Resumes and more.  At least initially, these forums are in response to a need to help attenders find work, ask for help, and exchange business contact info. So tell all your leaders: We have a place for people to go and network on

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