Keywester1Good food and great people is the best way to describe our all-staff Christmas party last night.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget Mark Nelson and his jazz quartet who set a great festive vibe.  There were 130 of us (can you believe that when we get all of our staff and their dates together that there are 130 of us…wow!?!) that got together at Keywester last night and really had a great time.  It was room full of some of the most amazingFergusons_cropped_2  people I know.  I can’t tell you how much I love this team.  They totally get community and they totally get the mission.  And when you put a group of talented people together who love each other and love the mission of Jesus that is an unbelievable combination.

Here is a pic of me and my date last night.  She is looking great, I’m looking a little sleepy.  All in all – an awesome night with good food and great people!!

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