Celebration Generosity
Wow, what a weekend at COMMUNITY!  This weekend was Celebration Generosity and what happened was so remarkable that it could only be described as a God thing!  Thanks to the tremendous generosity of the people at COMMUNITY we will give away over $360,000 in donations!  The reason I say “over” is because donations are still coming in!  That’s already four times our average weekly giving and by far the largest single offering we have ever received.  Each and every one of those dollars will be used toward the 4 Teams to reach the 20% of the world living in poverty and the 67% of those who have yet to find their way back to God.

If you want to learn more about the 4 Teams supported in Celebration Generosity, click HERE. This is our second year of supporting these teams and God is doing miracles through the generosity of His people.  Check out this 4 teams update video outlining what was accomplished around the world last year because of COMMUNITY’S generosity.  And if you want to join us, we invite you to participate in our Celebration Generosity online.

Right now, I am feeling very grateful to God for His generosity and giving us the opportunity to be generous with a world that is in need.

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