Directions_1Yesterday I was e-mailing a friend of mine some advice for determining what’s next for him in 2007.  As I got to the end of the e-mail I realized that this might be helpful for others too!  And I think this will be particularly helpful to people in Community Christian Church and people in NewThing Network churches since we are starting a new series called DIRECTIONS where the key questions is “what’s next?”.  So here are 5 simple suggestions and at the bottom a link and a download that will help you get direction for 2007.

  1. Prior to attending the DIRECTIONS series (begins 01.07.07) acquire a 3C inventory & Growth Plan that we gave to everyone this past weekend.  If for some reason you were not at CCC this weekend, stop in the office and get one.  Find some quiet time and discover your growth opportunities in the areas of 3C’s: celebrate, connect and contribute.  You should begin creating a growth plan in pencil because over the next month you will be altering your direction as you discover what’s next for you in each of these areas.  This 3C inventory & Growth Plan will be a working document for discovering what’s next for you.
  2. Attend each week of the DIRECTIONS series and buy the CD of the teaching or watch it online. Listen to the CD in your car as time allows you.  The redundancy will increase learning and spiritual formation.
  3. Have your small group do the BIG IDEA discussion guide that goes along with the DIRECTIONS series.  The BIG IDEA disucssion guides we are creating are some of the best curriculum being produced anywhere.  This will be critical to the process because as you are discerning what’s next you will want the input of those people in your small group community.  These people know parts of you better than you do.  Don’t overlook this part.
  4. If you are not journaling – get a 3C Journal and make one of your new year’s resolutions to journal 5 days a week.   You can decide if you want to follow the reading plan in the back, go free form or simply write out your prayers.  But use the month of January to create an on-going conversation between you and God for deciding what’s next.  This has been critical for me in determining what’s next in my life and I believe it will be for you too.
  5. At the end of the month based on the teaching, small group discussion, and journaling complete your own 3C Growth Plan.  Use this to guide you.  I would never consider this completed, but it is a guide for what’s next in your spiritual journey.

2006 3C Inventory & Growth Plan (this will work; when I get the 2007 I will make it available)  Directions_Discussion_Guide.pdf

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