Catalyst_2About a month ago I told you I did an interview with Catalyst that they were planning to use for a future podcast.  I also gave you a preview of some of the questions they asked me and my response.  Well, Catalyst posted my interview as the featured podcast for this month.   The podcast includes lots of conversation on the latest and greatest regarding the reproducing church, the multi-site movement, our NewThing Network the National New Church Conference (soon to be referred to only as the Exponential Conference) and how to create a healthy church staff culture. So, if you want to check it out, click HERE.

It was really an honor to get asked to do this. Not only is Catalyst about the coolest conference event out there, they told me that this podcast has 13,000 iTunes subscribers and 125,000 listeners every month.  That is a big number.  I’m not sure that is possible.  Anyway, I think Todd Wilson (my buddy and genius behind the NNCC), who has made it his job to be my personal PR Director had a lot to do with them asking me!  Thanks Todd.

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