I just got news that our NewThing affiliate Frontline Worship Center in the Philippines opened their second campus today! The first location is in San Pablo and this new site is in Santisimo, Philippines.  As I get more information I will let you know – but this is pretty exciting to see how our partnership with Frontline is allowing the Kingdom to expand and more people finding their way back to God.

The picture is me teaching at a crusade last year in Santisimo.  Frontline’s strategy is to put on crusades in areas that are potential new sites; then starts small groups from people who become Christ Followers or express an interest.  Once there are enough people in small groups to create the launch team then they began to make plans for a new site.  Congrats Frontline!

I just got this e-mail from Jon:  “Wow!  What an amazing place!  This evening we all went to Santisimo for the grand opening of Frontline’s newest campus!  The building was full with people standing outside trying to get a look at what was happening.  The worship was moving, the dance team was great, and the teaching . . . Well, you’d have to ask someone else.  It was me.  Although, I’d have to say I’m starting to enjoy teaching with a translator.  It looked like there were 200 people there.  How cool is it to be part of a church 8000 miles from home who’s mission is hpftwbtG!   Gotta run.  Hope to blog more in the next couple days. – Jon”

If you want to see some pics and get more info from Jeff Pessina, Founder of Frontline on the launch click HERE.

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