Webinar1Had a conversation with Greg Ligon and some of my friends at Leadership Network yesterday to talk about Eric, Jon and I doing a webinar on the content of our new book – The Big Idea!  As I getBig_idea_cover_3 all the details I will let you know.  But here is what I know so far:  first, it will be FREE; which is cool.  Secondly, we will present some of the core principles and benefits of using The Big Idea.  Thirdly, this will be available to a limited number (50-100) of “panelist” who will be able to ask us questions over the phone.  Beyond the “panelists” there will be an unlimited number of “attendees” who can listen in and ask questions via e-mail.  Webinars are new technology that Leadership Network wants to experiment with and I told them that if they are looking to  try out “new things“, we are the group!

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