You 2 0 Journal Cover Front This weekend we start a critical series in the life of COMMUNITY, it is You 2.0.  For a long time we have challenged people at COMMUNITY to become 3C Christ Followers. The 3C’s are Celebrate, Connect and Contribute.  During this series we are asking people to move beyond just the doing of the 3C’s to the being of the 3C’s.  When you move from doing the 3C’s to being the 3C’s that is when you move from 1.0 to 2.0 – the next best version of You!

To kick off this series we are giving each person that attends a
COMMUNITY campus a You 2.0 journal for FREE!  You see a pic of the journal on this post.  It is our hope that as
you use this journal to hear from God everyday you will fall more in
love with Jesus and become all that He wants you to be – You 2.0.
  (Here you can download: You 2.0 Big Idea Journal Cover and You 2.0 Big Idea Journal

It’s one thing to be able to say, “yeah, I go to church every week” and it is entirely something else to be in love with Jesus.  That is the difference between Celebrate 1.0 and Celebrate 2.0.  A lot of us can say, “oh I’m a part of small group”, but that is only Connect 1.0.  If you want to move to Connect 2.0 you have a group of people that you do life with and you will get each other through anything.  It’s pretty easy to volunteer and be on a team, that’s Contribute 1.0.  Contribute 2.0 is when you become a person who lives to serve and is generous in every area of your life.  When you make each of those moves from 1.0 to 2.0 you are becoming the next best version of you – You 2.0

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