Anne_Jackson We had Anne Jackson come in and speak at our all-staff gathering on the topic of burnout.  She really did a great job!  Anne told her story of growing up in a pastors home and how her father was impacted by the stress of a dysfunctional church.  After leaving the faith and eventually finding her way back to God she joined a church staff.  She jumped in with great passion and enthusiasm only to experience burnout herself.  Her story was the impetus for the big idea of her new book, Mad Church Disease.

Four Warnings About Burnout:

  1. Burnout often goes unnoticed.  Often people are afraid of talking about the stress in their life and feeling burned out because it makes them appear weak and not a team player.
  2. Burnout effects all areas of health.  Burnout will effect us relationally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Burnout is contagious.  Often times you will not just see one case of burnout.  There are cultures that create burnout and you will see it in multiples.
  4. Burnout leads to death.  Burnout can lead to the death of relationships; the death of faith or the death of a dream.

Insights About Burnout

  • “Burnout is the accumulation of stress over time” – Archibald Hart
  • Type-A personalities burn out from over engagement.
  • Type-B personalities burn out from having people walk all over them.

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