Newspaper headline Extra!  Extra! Seems like COMMUNITY was in the news quite a bit this last week.  In case you missed it here is quick re-cap of some of the news-making that happened over the last few days:  First, was the front page story from USA Today titled Multi-Site Churches Means Pastors Reach Thousands.  If you haven’t read the article, you should check it out – some great content.  I got the distinct impression when being interviewed by USA Today reporter Cathy Grossman that she was a Christ Follower based on some comments she made; however I don’t know for sure.  The print edition had more content than the on line version; but both included quotes from COMMUNITY attenders Scott Patton and Jeff Wagner.  Pretty cool, huh?  Then, the same day NBC 5 Chicago did a special during the 6:00 news titled Hand Up, Not Hand Outs at Bryan House The segment was terrific and gave a brief overview of COMMUNITY’s Rick Guzman’s ministry to refugees through Bryan House.  I’d encourage you to click over and check it out.  Lastly at the end of the week there was an outstanding article in a local paper, The Naperville Sun titled Joining Forces to Help With Dignity.  This article went into great detail about the 3 Gift Marts that we held this year bringing in 15,000 toys and raising over $20,000 for local public schools.  It is good to see that good news is still making the news!

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