Tim_cyperian_benOne of the highlights of the trip was when Cyprian decided to get baptized.  We found this beautiful setting for his baptism and to hear Cyprian’s amazing story of survival during the ’94 genocide.  During the genocide his entire family was killed.  He literally escaped near death experiences on hundreds of occasions and  dozens of times he was told that “this will be your last day”.  He ended his story by telling us that it has only been in the last couple months that he has been able to talk about those atrocities and now he wants to forgive those people who killed his family.


This is Amy and myself with the family that we support through Global Family Rescue.  This is Faustin and his wife Antoinette and their 2-week old baby.  Not shown in the picture are his four younger brothers that he has had to raise since he was 14 after his father was shot in the 1994 genocide.

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