Ed_stetzerI feel a little like Sally Field, “You like me, you like me!”  Not really.  But it was kind of cool to read Ed Stetzer’s complimentary post Inside The Yellow Box after he visited our COMMUNITY-Yellow Box location.  Ed Stetzer is one of the foremost experts on church life in North America.  He writes, speaks, leads a church and loves the church.  We share a passion for the reproducing church and that give us plenty to talk about.  Ed has got a couple gigs that will be bringing him to Chicago on a regular basis – which is awesome.  I bought him lunch when he was here so I could pick his brain and hangout.  I’m hoping to do more of that when he shows up in Chi-Town.

Here is an overview of Ed’s four observations about COMMUNITY:

  1. People are excited to be at COMMUNITY
  2. Everyone at COMMUNITY is on the same page – hpftwbtG!
  3. COMMUNITY is very focused on reaching the unchurched.
    • Clear communication to guests.
    • The use of secular music and illustrations.
    • The message is basic without being simplistic.
  4. COMMUNITY focuses on excellence.

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