Over the last couple weeks I’ve been reading N.T. Wright’s Simply Christian a few pages at a time before I go to bed.  It is outstanding.  What surprised me is how his writing reminds me of CCC’s Dream of God.  A few years ago our team wrote a narrative that describes what God dreams about.  I realized that I’ve never posted it on my blog and I thought you might find it inspiring.  Here is what we believe is the Dream of God:

God has a dream; it is a dream that He has had for all of eternity.  It is the dream of a people whose hearts beat with a passion for “Helping People Find Their Way Back to Him.”  Their presence enters the community as freshness; like the first fragrance of spring at the close of winter. The breath of new life; new beginnings and the promise of what’s to come fill the air. They bring a message of hope through Jesus Christ inspires of truth and joy. When they gather it is to experience and celebrate the mystery of their oneness in Jesus Christ. Together they are His body – the very physical presence of Christ on earth. They celebrate and embrace God’s eternal plan for the church to be the hope of the entire world. God has a dream.

God dreams of a people whose heart beat reverberates through neighborhoods, cities and countries stirring an awakening in hearts and souls. Christ followers, those close to God connect with those far from God in groups where the language of “we” replaces “me.” Inside these groups it’s safe to risk, to be vulnerable, and share life deeply. They are marked by a radical kind of faith, hope and love; the marks of Jesus Christ and His followers. Transformation takes place as groups empower us to more fully obey Christ together than alone. Neighborhoods become places where the word “lonely” doesn’t’t exist; where a smile replaces suspicion, security replaces fear, and Jesus is a holy name on lips. Community becomes a life changing experience, not simply a location. God has a dream.

God dreams of a people whose hearts beat with such compassion that no need goes unmet. The One who has freely given His life calls His own to give freely in return. These Christ followers hold all things loosely and love opens their hands. In this supernatural economy, the greatest return is in the giving and nothing is held back. Personal contribution becomes a path to obedience, fulfillment, unity and joy. The young invest in the aging and the aging contribute to shape the generations of the future.  Generosity replaces self-centeredness as compassion calls us to take risks. With a contagious and passionate desire they contribute to the dream of God to meet the needs of all He loves.  God has a dream…

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